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As nursing education is rapidly changing and evolving, finding a preceptor is a top priority for nurse practitioner students. Nurses are retiring at a rate that exceeds the growth of new graduates, creating an increased demand for nurse practitioner graduates and thus competition for clinical sites and preceptors.

Skip the headache, get matched into the perfect preceptor within our network of qualified providers.

I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me! I was in desperate need of a preceptor, but kept struggling to find one on my own. Preceptor Tree found me one without any trouble and it turned out that my match was very knowledgeable in areas where I wanted to specialize in.

Olivia M.

Nurse Practitioner Student

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Choose your specialty from our network of preceptors including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry,  and Women’s Health (OBGYN)


Complete Preceptorship Paperwork

Complete necessary paperwork for nurse practitioner preceptorship to obtain the required documents required by your student’s program.


Get a match

Get matched with an experienced nurse practitioner for a preceptorship. You can talk one-on-one about challenges you’re facing, comparison practice and different strategies to care for your patients.


Wait for approval

Your program will need to approve your application before you can begin receiving preceptor hours, so check in frequently for approval.


Schedule your rotations

Refer to your NP preceptorship schedule to see which dates are open for application, and connect with your preceptor to confirm rotation days.


Start your Preceptorship

Get excited for hands-on learning focused on providing the nurse practitioner with excellent learning opportunities related to adult, acute and primary care settings.

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NP students all over the US trust Preceptor Tree to handle their preceptorships in a  timely and professional manner.

Great preceptor network

Get matched to our network of preferred NP preceptors all over the United States.

Paperwork support

Don't get bogged down by forms and paperwork, and trying to track down signatures. We make it simple and help you avoid problems that could delay your hard-earned graduation.

5-Star Service

We pride ourselves in providing quality matching and unparalleled customer service to all of our clients. This is important to you, so it's important to us

Timely Responses

You can expect a response from us within 1 business day from when you call us or submit any forms.

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Our NP preceptorship matching services are now nationwide!

Making your life easier is our priority. We’ll find you the perfect preceptor near you so you graduate on time. Securing clinical rotations has never been this easy for NP students.

At Preceptor Tree we understand how difficult it is for nurse practitioner students to find preceptors and secure clinical rotations. It shouldn’t take months for you to secure your clinical rotations; we want you to get the hours you need to graduate on time.

We work hard to provide the most affordable preceptor matching service for NP students out there.

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